The Gass Planets

Formed in 1965 original line up was Bobby Tench on bass guitar (credited as Robert Tench), percussionist Errol McLean, his brother drummer and vocalist Godfrey McLean, saxophonist Humphrey Oka and guitarist Alan Roskams. Tench soon became the band’s vocalist and lead guitarist and between 1965 and 1967 they released singles on the Parlophone and CBS labels and as their music progressed the line up changed. They also played at clubs and venues in U. K and at fashionable music venues in London’s Soho such as The Ad Lib club, The Flamingo and the Bag O’Nails. Eric Burdon sang with them at The Scotch of St James where they were employed as the house band and Jimi Hendrix jammed with them. During 1968 they were supporting bands such as Led Zeppelin. In 1969 they became the band for the rock musical Catch My Soul-Rock Othello produced by Jack Good and their participation was billed as ‘music interpreted by Gass’.

Although the provisional designation of 2005 FY9 was given to Makemake when its discovery was made public, before that Dr. Brown's team had used the playful codename "Easter Bunny" for this small world, because of its discovery shortly after Easter. However, the astronomers will require more HST observations in order to obtain accurate measurements in order to determine if the moon's orbit is circular or elliptical. Preliminary estimates suggest that if the moon is in a circular orbit, it finishes a circle around Makemake in 12 days or longer. The team of scientists used data gathered by NASA's Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission, composed of a duo of twin spacecraft that circled Earth's Moon throughout 2012, each measuring the push and pull of the other as an indicator of lunar gravity.