Old Russian Space Station

Although the language is sometimes called “Old Russian” (Belarusian: старажытнаруская мова, staražytnaruskaja mova; Russian: Древнерусский язык, drevnerusskij jazyk; and Ukrainian: давньоруська мова, davn’orus’ka mova) “with a bow to tradition” (i. e. to historical sense of the adjective as “relating to the Rus”), this term is something of a misnomer , because initial stages of the language which it denotes predate the dialectal divisions which mark the nascent distinction between modern East Slavic languages (Russian, Belorussian, and Ukrainian), and the language is “equally Old Belorussian and Old Ukrainian”. Old East Slavic is therefore more appropriate term. Some scholars, such as Horace Lunt , also employ the term “Rusian” (with one “s”) for the language, although this is the least commonly used form.

Have you ever had one of those days fishing where it seemed like you could do no wrong? Like everything you tried resulted in fish being caught? And not only fish being caught, but large fish being caught? This was all probably due to the moon and what phase the moon was in. That's right, something as simple as what phase the moon is in can have an effect on your fishing success. It makes sense, then, that the most potent example of astrological synastry (harmony between two birth charts) involves contact between one person's Sun and the other person's Moon, or contact between the two Moons. Carl Jung, the renowned Swiss Psychologist, famously conducted a 'marriage experiment' in which he studied the birth charts of over 500 couples. What he found was an unmistakable trend of Sun-Moon contact between partners. To most astrologers, this came as no surprise-it has long been understood that when one person's Moon hits another person's chart in a significant way, there exists a strong possibility of lasting and meaningful romance. What I discovered was that both the weather and moon were in my favor on my best days fishing. So basically I was fishing at the perfect time and didn't realize it. So then I began to wonder if I could use this information to my advantage. I figured out that I most certainly could use this information to my advantage by learning some simple tips about what the weather was doing and what phase the moon was in before I headed out onto the water.