Large Hubble 2019 new hubble image of globular cluster ngc 121 Large Hubble 2019

Large Hubble 2019 new hubble image of globular cluster ngc 121 Large Hubble 2019

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Curious facts about cosmic life and their inhabitants.

The discovery of Makemake's little moon increases the parallels between Pluto and Makemake. This is because both of the small icy worlds are already known to be well-coated in a frozen shell of methane. Furthermore, additional observations of the little moon will readily reveal the density of Makemake--an important result that will indicate if the bulk compositions of Pluto and Makemake are similar. "This new discovery opens a new chapter in comparative planetology in the outer Solar System," Dr. Marc Buie commented in the April 26, 2016 Hubble Press Release. Dr. Buie, the team leader, is also of the Southwest Research Institute.

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Unfortunately, the various economic troubles which are plaguing Europe has caused ESA to spend less money than before, so many space programs in Europe has halted. However, both in China as well as in India, there are several ambitious programs present, which may cause any one of these nations to send another man to the moon in the next decade. Naturally, only time will tell; but nothing will change the fact that mankind's future is in the stars.

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"If there are plumes on Europa, as we now strongly suspect, with the Europa Clipper we will be ready for them," commented Dr. Jim Green in the April 13, 2017 NASA Press Release. Dr. Green is Director of Planetary Science at NASA Headquarters.

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"This is good news for Ganymede. Its ocean is huge, with enormous pressures, so it was thought that dense ice had to form at the bottom of the ocean. When we added salts to our models, we came up with liquids dense enough to sink to the sea floor," Dr. Vance said in his May 1, 2014 statement.

Coastal angers for centuries have looked to the tides for knowing when fishing will be at its best, yet many have not tied this into the moon itself. Although any one who has fished along the coast knows that the tides indeed determine when fishing will be good and when it is going to be slow to nearly impossible to catch a fish.

Fish can detect changes in pressure through their air bladder along with their lateral lines of their bodies caused by the weather. It stands to reason that fish can detect these pressure changes just like they detect pressure changes caused by the weather. Knowing this will help you know when fish will be active and when they will be in a more dormant state.